Our aim is to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, while being fairly compensated for our time and expertise. Rates are generally set to compensate us as closely as possible for the time spent on your tax return. If a tax return takes longer than originally anticipated, the fee will increase. It will not increase, however, because of small or incidental additional time.

Fee guidelines:

  • Individual Federal Tax Return: typically starting at $850 for a basic itemized-deductions tax return with clean, well organized information.
  • The fee is determined mostly based on the complexity of the return, the organization of  the documents and following our standard procedures.

You can help keep your tax preparation fees down:

  • Provide us (in your secure portal) your complete tax information when possible.
  • Upload your tax documents in a clear and well organized PDF format if available.
  • Answer our questions and requests promptly.
  • Review your tax return carefully.
  • Once your tax return is completed, male a list of your questions (if any) and provide all of them at one time.
  • Deliver to us without any delay your authorization to file your taxes electronically.

Included in the tax preparation fee:

  • Preparation of your tax return.
  • Review of completed tax return.
  • Uploading your documents and tax returns to your Secure Client Portal.
  • Filing a tax extension, if needed.
  • Quick questions on tax topics by email year-round. Generally, “quick” means something that can be answered in 5 minutes or less and does not require additional research or specific analysis.

Not included in the tax preparation fee:

  • Corrections made after tax return was completed that are the result of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you.
  • Assistance with inquiries, examinations or audits of any tax authority. This service is available but is billable at $250 per hour, however, you may ask us quick questions at no charge. For example, if you email or fax us a letter that you received, we will review it for free and let you know the next steps to resolve the issue.
  • FBAR filing. The form is due if you have interest or control over foreign financial accounts if the total value of all accounts is more than $10,000 at any time during the year. Unless we agree otherwise, we do not prepare this form as part of the tax preparation.