Mike and Jennifer, in their late 50’s, were referred to Wealth-Builders by their Attorney. They had a stock broker managing most of their portfolio. Over the years they tried different ideas and suggestions by the broker with mixed results. They felt that they were missing a clear direction. In the last market downturn their portfolio experienced a massive drop.

Mike and Jeniffer were tired of the huge swings in their portfolio value. Getting closer to retirement, they felt that they cannot afford a lack of coherent strategy. At Wealth-Builders we took the time to understand what their long and short-term goals were, as well as quantify the amounts they would need to fund them.

We discussed with Mike and Jennifer our investment philosophy. We explained the trade off between risk and return, and addressed their investment time horizon, cash flow needs and tax concerns. After simulating their retirement plan under different potential market conditions, we were able to recommend a comprehensive portfolio strategy. You may as well read the money metals exchange review if you want to learn more about the other types of investment.

Through careful monitoring of their entire investment portfolio, we were able to deliver much more consistent and tax-efficient portfolio. In turn, Mike and Jennifer have a much greater confidence and peace of mind knowing that their portfolio is now better aligned to meet their financial goals and needs.


Note: Mike and Jennifer are not actual clients, but are presented here as an illustration of our services.